Holy love

His love is killing me. Literally. It’s exposing me, it’s changing me, it’s transforming me, it’s destroying me. I quite seriously don’t understand His mercy. This love… it’s irrational. He knocks me to the ground with unbelievable power. It’s like a gentle whisper that could bring a thousand towering mountains to the floor in a single breath. The mightiest of armies would flee at the sound of this voice, this Truth… but I have nowhere to go. And though it’s painful, there’s honestly nowhere else I’d rather be. He holds me still and peels back my ribs to put new breath in my lungs. He sits in the middle of my chest- His mercy sustains the beat of my heart. His love is absolutely relentless. I’m not the same anymore, and I pray I’m more like Him every day.


About Autumn

I'm a southwestern PA-er so I say 'pop' and sometimes 'yinz', ok? I'm a passionate follower of Jesus Christ with a heart for the nations. Currently my mission field is Penn State University campus, and the town of State College!!
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